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Verb Essentials Custom Duffel Bag

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With the right design partner, any entrepreneur or organization has the ability to successfully bring a new product innovation to market.

Rex Specs

These are the most durable Protective DogGoggles within the marketplace, reliable, and functional protective dog eyewear available. Eye protection for the active and working dog. Highly durable and UV protective they are stable and secure while still allowing for full jaw motion and field of view. We were tasked to evaluate and source a high-end manufacturer that could meet their specific design needs and target costing.  We utilized our vast factory database and placed them within a factory and are happy to see them grow over the years.

True Temper Sports

Best Bag Awards for 2022.  Verb was tasked to create and design a lightweight, durable, functional collection of high-end technical hockey bags and luggage for adults and kids.  From design conception through sourcing and production we worked closely on the needs of players, coaches, and consumers.  

Duca Del Cosma

A high-end European golf shoe brand looking at a new product launch into the golf glove market.  They came to us because of our proven track record of successfully working within the glove industry especially within golf.  They had no prior design or product development experience and realized that they needed our guidance not only on the product design, but with helping understand consumer needs. We were involved in their journey to launch from day one and were all so happy with the results, we are already working on year 2 and 3!


A widely popular do everything sauce, for those who like good food.  We were tasked to locate, source and fabricate a specially designed bottle with a high-end manufacturer and meeting all the FDA food handling requirements.


The Purlieu travel bag was created to lighten the load of family travel through a bag that does the heavy lifting for you. With interchangeable pods ™, you can customize the bag to cater to your specific needs.

Nose Budz Health

Verb was responsible for all stages of design, development, prototyping and production of their entire collection. We conducted research into competitive products and identified the areas of opportunity in the marketplace.   Also developed the criteria on establishing the FDA 510K approval.

Electra Bikes

Assignment was to work closely with their design team to develop, prototype and produce aline of functional diverse line of bike bags that have a high-end fashion appeal.   Key design features were to use all recycled materials, and to be able to adapt to their handlebar attachment system.  Reflective embellishments, several internal pockets and magnetic closures and most important, the bags must look great either at the park, beach or bar.

NHL Anaheim Ducks

Tasked to create a custom line of bags for their players, management, and staff.  Created weekend bags, luggage for their long east coast trips to gym bags.  Each had a specific purpose holding a laptop, tablet, papers, suits and shoes.  All had to withstand the abuse of their daily schedule.


Developed and produced a line of hand protection for individuals handling products in freezers, cold stores, chillers, and warehouses.  Hands are also susceptible to the cold and must be manufactured using high-quality materials and pass all the required CE and ANSI ratings.  


Tempo communications offers a complete line of industry-leading test and measurement solutions for the communications service provider industry.  They came to us to design, develop and manufacture a line of bags and holsters for their equipment.  We took the same mindset and approach in developing all their products; follow the same standard they have for all their industry leading electronic components.  We created a line that is durable and long lasting that meets the needs of their customers.

D2H3 Golf Bag

Design, develop and test and produce a line of limited-edition golf bags.


We were responsible for all stages of the design, engineering, development, prototyping of their spill proof wine glass. We were involved within the entire product life cycle from testing of the entire product line from the glass to the silicone sleeve as well as production and shipping logistics.  We initially conducted research into the competitive products and identified the areas of opportunity in the market. Next, we developed and tested a wide variety of special plastics and silicones that all needed to pass all the FDA requirements within the food and beverage industry.    

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Strategic Integrations and Support

From production design support to delivery, we are a collaborative in every aspect of your business,
from marketing to financials and logistics.  To help you and you company succeed and scale,
we integrate to become a critical part of your team.

The Process

We believe in the beauty of purpose. To us design is the intellectual art of making something
that works effortlessly, uniting function and form into one exceptional object.

Technical Innovation

We create products that incorporate the most advanced and state of the art components,
to provide solutions even before problems arrive.

Functional Superiority

Every piece we create is made with the highest quality materials and backed by the industries most rigorous testing
We’re experts in commercial sewing and manufacturing leather and synthetic products.

Insight and Ideation

Craft your design strategy with novel insights and thoughtful virtual ideation to arrive at meaningful solutions.
A strong foundation with a well-researched proprietary understanding of the customer will help you to establish expertise.

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